What to Expect When You Take Your Dog to the Emergency Vet

Having to take your pet the Emergency Vet is one of the most dreaded and painful aspects of pet ownership. When you’re worried about your dog’s health, you’re not focused on ways to keep your pet calm at the vet, leading both of you to panic and feed into each other’s pain. However, knowing what to expect when you arrive at the ER can take a lot of the pressure and panic off of both you and your pet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your dog to the emergency room.

Call First

No matter what time of day it is, you always want to put in a call to the vet before showing up. This will allow you to give a summary of the problem, ask about a realistic wait time, and let them know they’re expecting you. When you arrive, the nurses on staff will be that much more prepared with the necessary paperwork and will help you to speed along the process. If nurses tell you that you’re in for a wait, ask them what time you should show up. If it’s a true emergency situation, be sure to express that and ask them if your dog’s visit can be expedited.

Come Prepared

When you arrive at the vet, you’ll be asked to fill out a lot of paperwork. You’ll also be asked to show a lot of paperwork, including papers from your dog’s last checkup, any blood work that might have been done previously, identification for you and your dog, and medication status of your pet. Try to remember to bring along any medications just in case. The more information you can give the doctors, the better equipped they will be to help your dog. Even information about diet and exercise can often prove helpful for doctors in terms of assessing the situation.

Have a Support Line

When you arrive at the vet, it’s going to be a stressful time. You’ll find it hard to focus on anything but worst-case scenarios, and this isn’t good for you or your dog. Try to have a support system in place. If you have someone you know you can call at any hour of the day or night, now is the time to make that call. Talking to someone outside the situation will help you calm yourself down and get back in check. It will also help your dog to see you calm and in control of the situation.

Keep Focused on the Problem at Hand

When it comes to caring for your pet, it can be easy to start worrying and spiral into the first doomsday scenario you can think of. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Even though the emergency room can be a frightening and stressful place, you don’t have to think of it that way. Remember that you don’t know anything definitive and that you’re here to find out ways to help your dog. There’s no need to panic and get ahead of yourself. If you take a patient, problem-solving approach to the situation, it will help you calm yourself down and remain rooted in reality.

Ask About Cost Estimates

As most pet owner knows, visits to the vet can be expensive. When it comes to emergency visits that goes double. There’s no real way to avoid the high cost of care in an emergency situation, and that can be a hard thing to accept. However, asking about thecost in advance will allow you to be aware ahead of time and prepare any questions about cost that you might have for the vet themselves. Sometimes getting a breakdown of costs can help pet owners have a better understanding of just what goes into their dog’s care.

Be Patient

Just like with a normal emergency room, the vet ER is a place of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. This can make it even worse when you’re already dealing with the stress of seeing your dog in pain. The thing to remember is just to be as patient as you can. Don’t allow yourself to get panicked or angry about the wait time. Accept that you will be seen to and that all of this will be over eventually. Bring along a book, a favorite magazine, or anything you can think of to help pass the time and engage your attention.