Dancing in the Key of Life

Working from home used to be a problem when I had to travel and leave my precious puppy behind.  Boarding fees were not something I could factor into my fees and I couldn’t always plan far enough ahead to get my sitter to come and get her.  It has been a pleasant change to have so many hotels and other lodging establishments open up and accept well behaved pets like my little Jack Russell Terrier named Peggie.

Actually, my next excursion is more for fun than profit.  I’m meeting friends in New Jersey next month and found all the accommodations I needed when I checked out Bally’s Atlantic City through Groupon.  I’ll be staying a few days and can’t wait to catch up with my college chums who will be in the city for a convention.

I chose Bally’s Atlantic City because of the amenities they offer such as free WIFI in my suite, their highly- rated service and proximity to all the places I want to check out while I’m there.  Plus they are accepting of little pets like Peggie so she’s coming along.  They also have a wide selection of activities and entertainment in the hotel that will keep me amused when I’m not laughing at her little antics.  She loves to dance around to her favorite song on her hind legs and watch me keel over in hysterics.  I don’t know what it is about Crack Jack by Dolly Parton, but it gets her excited every time.

Bally’s Atlantic City is the perfect location because there’s so much to do in the area I won’t have time to take it all in.  But I’ve earmarked a couple of Groupons for some local hot spots so I can set off and explore the area while I wait for my friends.  I’m getting a great deal through Groupon on my room too. I saved 20% off the rate and used a special code because I’m a volunteer fireman in my town.  I love that I’ll be so close to some of the world renown entertainment venues while I’m here, and of course, I’m going to enjoy the restaurants and bars.

When I think about it, the song Peggie loves so much is very much like our story.  She was a rescue I found at a Farmer’s Market adoption event.  They told me she had been stuck in a drain pipe and had barely been rescued in time.  I guess she dances for joy because she had such a close call.  I’ll be dancing cause I saved so much money with Groupon.